Surface Noise

When you think you have life all figured out, you are more disconnected than ever. One connects with life when the voice in the head stops and there is oneness with your own inner stillness.

I remember a time last summer as the sun was going down, I was on the beach looking out into the ocean. As I watched seagull after seagull dive into the ocean to grab another fish, it got me to wondering how there is a whole world beneath the surface of the ocean that really isn’t given much thought, that is until there is something that happens to get our attention. The seagull instinctively knows of this world because it doesn’t have all the noise going on in it’s head.

This reminded me of my own body and how I don’t really give much thought as to what is going on inside of me, that is until something happens to bring attention to it. Many of us are so conditioned to listen to the voice in our head that it is nearly impossible to get in touch with what is truly going on in our life. It’s the surface noise that blocks out our connection to our inner stillness, it will be beneath the surface of this noise that you will be exposed to a whole new world.

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