Expansion of Love

Love is the true energy of life. It won’t be denied as its expansion is inevitable because it’s what we are made of. As our heart is unblocked and opens to love, love becomes the energy of existence.

Hate is far reaching and it doesn’t stop instantly when it’s energy source is taken away, but it does dissipate over time. Love is different, love keeps expanding even without its energy source. A perfect example of this is the love of Jesus; it is stronger today than the day it was written he was on earth. The energy of the love that was in his heart is what lives on, expands and generates more love. This is the nature of love, to expand. Hate doesn’t do this, not that it doesn’t grow, but when it’s source energy is taken away, the energy generated doesn’t expand, it wanes. People will hold on to its trace energy, but it becomes a pocket of hate that is isolated, as opposed to love which expands because it’s Universal.

Although Jesus’s made the ultimate sacrifice in spreading love, there are many others who have the same love in their hearts and are spreading it. Some of his followers got killed for spreading the love that was in their hearts and some dedicate their entire life to spreading love. The Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr. Mother Teresa, Gandhi, to name a few, but there are so many people unnamed people like you and me who spread the seeds of love as much as the heart is capable. Love is the energy of the Universe, it will not be denied.

All we can do, is what our heart is capable of. We all possess a fully capable heart of love, but because of our Conditioned Mind we fall short of reaching our full capacity. With practice our hearts will keep expanding and we’ll be the spreaders of love like those that came before us. We may be one unit on this planet, but it isn’t our love that we are spreading, it’s the love that came before us, which is the love of all creation. We are expanding on that love and no matter how much hate there was that came before us or is here now, it will never keep the energy of the love that’s in our hearts from expanding to our entire planet.

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