A Quiet Mind Sees

Truth is seen when the mind becomes quiet. The thought of truth which is noise, is a created distraction that blocks you from seeing beyond the story that’s conjured up in your head.

If you want to know what truth is, a quiet mind will have to be at the base of where life is lived from. Anything else is just a distraction that keep one’s mind from settling and thus it keeps one from truth. There is never a story attached to truth. How can there be, when the story is but a distraction? Life isn’t truly about anything in particular, the Conditioned Mind will make it about something and with a quiet mind this will be seen. It’s probably the only way it will be seen because it’s the only way one’s created distractions will not block truth from arising. So what you see is what you see and if you think it’s truth it probably isn’t. This is because only when the mind is quiet beyond the thought of truth will one see the truth that sets you free.

If you follow the way of the world, it will be your master. There will be very little truth in your life because the distractions of the world will not allow your heart to open to the love of the Universe. There’s no way around this, until there’s some semblance of quietness in one’s life there will be very little truth. It’s pretty simple, conform to the worlds way and you will be enslaved to it, or learn to be quiet and you will see.

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