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Your Own Tools

We are all unique in our own way and until it’s realized your answers are yours and yours alone, you will continue in the discontented search mode grasping for someone else’s answers.

When someone’s way is studied, all you do is learn what tools that person was given to get to where they are and even though you may think they have your answers they don’t, they can’t because we are all different and no two people have the exact same experience. Granted some seem to really get it, whatever it is, but I can guarantee you, the only reason it was gotten was because of the self investigation of their own mind. Why most people remain in the discontented search mode is because they are looking for a magic answer out there somewhere. This discontented search mode uses many things, from religion, politics, the spiritual path, careers, programs, significant other, children, drugs, ayahuasca, and whatever else the conditioning in place tells you is needed. It’s designed to keep you in its discontented search mode reaching for the next thing instead of looking at yourself. Looking inward was the turn around for me because the tools needed for this to occur were revealed when I stopped looking to someone or something else for answers. Many people share great pointers, but everyone has to find the ones that allow you to look at yourself.

The Conditioned Mind is so much more cunning than is known because it’s designed to keep you from awaking up. I was in discontented search mode for forty nine years until the day came when I realized no book, program, person, religion, philosophy, or anything else had my answers. That was the turning point when I began investigating my own mind. It doesn’t concern me one bit what anyone thinks of me because I don’t profess to have your answers, but I do have mine and how that came about is what I share. I point that’s it and what is pointed at is to stop looking for someone else to have your answers. We are all unique in our own way. Until it’s realized your answers are already within, and they are yours and yours alone, you will continue in the discontented search mode grasping for someone else’s answers even though all anyone can do is share the tools uniquely given to them.

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