The World's Pull

The things that pull you into the world are endless, but understand the pull comes from your own mind and even though the worldly things provide the enticing, you alone attach to them.

If you’re practicing to live a life based in love, but you don’t know your own mind, it’s like going to the gym, but not making any effort. Granted it’s better than doing nothing, but if you can’t decipher between love and hate, what’s beneficial and what isn’t, or notice how you attach to things, what good is it, the whole point of the practice is missed. Because of the pull of the outside world, it’s very difficult to look inward. There are so many things in place that prevent looking inward from happening, and if it doesn’t happen, you remain in bondage to the worlds trappings. That’s all they are, when there’s even the slightest of openings to allow this to be seen, one’s expansion begins.

The pull of the world is very enticing, if it wasn’t the percentage of conscious and unconscious beings would be reversed, but it’s not this way because the pull is in control. Why the pull is in control is because there’s a delusional belief that it’s needed. We alone are the creators of this and if one doesn’t become familiar with their own mind, the worlds pull will continue its control; there’s really no way around this. The pull of the world is so enticing and this is what keeps one in the prison of the Conditioned Mind. There are many ways to be enticed by the world, but there is only one way to be free. Read all your books, become a know it all, meditate until you reach the state you think will bring you nirvana, but understand if you don’t know your own mind, it’s like going to the gym, but not making much of an effort to utilize the equipment.

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