The Space of Unity

In the space without thought is a unity with ourselves, life and all of creation. The more space there is, the more love infiltrates not only our life, but the lives of all beings.

In each moment one will either be creating a story about what’s going on or there will be space without thought. These places of existence are vastly different on an individual and collective level. If we constantly create stories, our mind will never settle and our true essence of love will not be allowed to infiltrate our life and the lives of others. Love isn’t the default setting of most people’s lives because of the unawareness of one’s own conditioning. There’s nothing right or wrong in this, it’s just what’s in place. It will take a very settled mind to become aware of the quietness which affords one the opportunity to wake up and see one’s conditioning.

When there is space without thought it’s so different because it involves no conditioning at all. It’s our place of unity with ourselves and others, this is what’s needed if our individual and collective consciousness is to change. When there’s unity with ourselves we will cease fighting anything or anybody. We will not regret anything in our past, present, or future. We will help others through the compassion of our awakened heart; self seeking will become non existent. When we are in unity with ourselves we are in unity with everything. In our unity struggles will be no more because they only arise from not being in unity. It’s the stories that cause struggles so when there is space it’s impossible to struggle. Space is where one becomes aware that our struggles are created by a Conditioned Mind that has been in control for far to long, so when there’s space without thought, what’s discovered is unity with ourselves, life, and all creation.

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