The Best Tools Available

Everyone uses the tools they think are the best ones or they wouldn’t develop them, but that doesn’t mean they are the best tools available. If a tool is truly the best, it will never ever cause suffering to oneself or others.

One can only use the tools that have been developed to react to life situation. Whatever ones that have been developed to cope with life whether it be alcohol, drugs, anger, programs, therapy, medication, suicide, cutting, fantasizing, success, wealth, poverty, race, greed, envy, false pride, religion, tv, politics, sex, food, and so on, they are only used because they’re thought to be the best ones. If the developed tools stop working, new ones will need to be developed that work better. If no new ones are developed, the old ones will be used again and again. There is no way around this.

You will know when you are using the best available tools because they will never cause you or anyone else to suffer. What’s meant by a best tool is reflected in the actions that manifest. If there is conflict within that causes conflict with others, something isn’t right. The best tools will never cause conflict because that would equate to suffering. The gauge to see if the tools being used are truly the best available is in how much attachment one has. Attachment is the cause of all suffering so it’s a true gauge that can be used. Self investigation is also a tool, matter of fact every reaction one has is the result of a developed tool.

The best tool will never ever cause suffering to oneself or others, this is a fact. It can’t because it’s based in the quietness of love. Tools that are based in attachment to satisfy oneself cause suffering and this occurs regardless if one thinks they are using the best tools. Love doesn’t attach or ever cause suffering, nor do one’s developed tools as long as they are the best ones available.

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