Something Different

Not many people will see something different is needed in their life unless they see a reason for it. Without an understanding of the Conditioned Mind it will be nearly impossible for this to be seen.

There has to be an understanding of what is truly going on so you can at least see that something different is needed. Without this understanding, it will be difficult to do the things that will allow something different to occur in your life, and it will only happen if that’s what you’re looking for. Not many people see the need for something to be different in their life unless there’s a reason for it and for me the reason was because the tools I had in place weren’t allowing me to see past my own self-centeredness: this is about inner change only. I reached a point in my life and not a favorable one, where I wasn’t doing the things that were producing results conducive to love. Tools are developed over a course of one’s life and they may have worked for most of your life, but if for some reason life becomes more and more of a struggle and you want the struggle to cease, something different will be needed.

Even though I didn’t realize it growing up, the tools I developed were leading me to my own destruction. A person has to see this to stop it from occurring and allow something different. The tool of reaching is what was causing this destruction and it was because the tool of awareness (noticing the mind agitations) was never developed. Here is the only reason a person reaches for anything, the mind becomes agitated and the attachment to the tool to reach is used. To have this be different, a new direction is needed so something different can be developed; I’ve found the tool of sitting to be helpful in the endeavor. Today I understand the Conditioned Mind enough that I do things that allows for the mind agitations to be noticed. By noticing this I can use something that’s been developed which doesn’t attach to them and lo and behold with no need to reach, there in lies one’s peace. Now to me that’s definitely something different.

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