Self Created Restrictions

Restrictions to an abundant life are self created by a mind that’s conditioned to self serve. One’s own mind creates these limits by keeping you attached to the lie the self serving mind is needed for abundance.

The restricted mind is conditioned to be that way and since it can’t get beyond its own created noise, truth is hidden from your view. This blocks out the ability to see the abundance life provides so instead of being in the presence of what is, one’s defaulted mind set tends to see the view of what isn’t. Learn to be with what is actually occurring and the default setting of the mind becomes one of abundance because the blocks to seeing what isn’t cease to exist. When this occurs the self serving mind isn’t in control and you are free to live without any restriction; the restriction being your own mind.

It’s only a Conditioned Mind that restricts. To restrict is to put a limit on something or to control something, this is what a Conditioned Mind does. Even though it seems like we choose to do what we do, when something is done that’s self serving, it’s restricted because no one, not even the one doing exactly what’s being done benefits because not only is one out of alignment with the Universe, one is out of alignment with themselves. When we go beyond this conditioning, we go beyond our own self created restrictions and we naturally see the abundance of life. To be without restriction is to be aligned with the Universe and to be aligned with the Universe is to be aligned with ourselves without the restriction of needing anything to be different than what it is.

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