Self Created Misery

All that happens in life affects a person because of the way one’s own mind allows it. The insanity of the Conditioned Mind is its self destructive distractions are all from within which means one creates their own misery.

When all is said and done regardless of what it’s called, I have found a way to minimize the distractions in my life that cause my own misery. It’s a misery that’s created by my own mind which tells me the misery is needed to cope with life; a life that was controlled by this distracted mind set. My own mind created all the misery that went on by giving into distractions I thought were needed, but all they did was cause me to act selfishly. I developed a mind that told me to do things that were destructive to my own well being. From relationships, to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and a slew of other things, nothing was ever chosen that was beneficial to my well being, I always seemed to cause more harm to myself than good. How this distracted mind set developed I’m not sure, but I do know this, it can be described as insanity to say the least.

Nine years ago an inner urging occurred that exposed the lie of these distractions. There’s no name for what happened, there isn’t a need to label it. All that’s needed to know is my behavior which was once totally self destructive is no longer this way. For years it was my own mind that allowed these created distractions, but because of the shift that occurred, there is now an awareness that these distractions don’t have to be created anymore. Regardless of what label is put on it the bottom line is this, when one is distracted by something it’s their own mind that creates it and this means one is not at peace. When there’s awareness of this, the mind isn’t allowed to attach to the distractions so there is peace, so to not attach to the distractions is key. All I ever wanted in my life was peace, but I didn’t know it was my own created distractions that was the cause of why there wasn’t any.

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