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Blown Away
“I truly was blown away by A Journey Toward Perfection...I very much enjoyed it because, as is true of many Christian books and especially the Bible, passages will seem to be written just for the reader. For example, things I have been thinking about in my daily life recently were referred to in the pages of this book…It can speak to your situation and give biblical counsel.” (Mary C. Blowers)

One of the Best Christian Teaching Books
"This book was written with love and faith. I praise the work of the Holy Spirit leading Ms. Helen Kamenos in this work. I rate this one of the best Christian teaching books I have ever read." (Jaime Contreras - review posted on Amazon)

Exciting and a Wonderful Experience
“This book was written with a pure heart and soul. You can feel Helen Kamenos’ love for Jesus in her words and how much she wants everyone to feel as close to Him as she does. It was exciting to read her words because she was excited to tell us what she thought...It was a wonderful experience.” (Rabia Tanveer)

Guide for Christian Spiritual Growth
“A clear guide for all seeking to have a closer walk with God.” (Nez)

New Perspective
“It reinforced and gave a new perspective to lessons I learned and absorbed at my mother’s knee…The book is beautifully written, logically organized, and will definitely help you on your personal journey.”  (Ray Simmons)

“an uplifting book for all those who seek the love of Christ. The book leads readers into a deeper relationship with God and reiterates the power of God’s love.” (Mamta Madhavan)

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