Projected Ups and Downs

The label of up and down isn’t applied by life, it can only be applied by you. Life is simply the stillness which everything arises from and it never labels itself, only the projection of what you see can do that.

The so called ups and downs of life have nothing to do with life. There are no inherent ups or downs with what happens daily, the ups and downs are all a projection of your own mind. If you go to the doctor and you are told you have a year to live, taking it as a down is strictly from you, it’s a projection of your mind. It’s the same if let’s say you write a book and it becomes a number one best seller, if you think that’s an up It’s also a projection of your mind. You see life is never personal, it doesn’t particularly care if you win the lottery or lose your job. It has no say in what one considers an up or down. You can make up a story that life cares, but that is from you not life. The ups and downs of life don’t really happen, that is until the label is applied.

There’s so much nonsense that goes on between one’s ears and it’s all a projection of your own conditioning. It may seem as though it comes from something outside of you, but no label is ever applied by life, it can only be applied by you. So say your prayers, attach to the way you think things should be, but understand this, life is simply the stillness where everything arises from and it’s never up or down because it can’t be. You will label what happens anyway your conditioning tells you to and until this is seen life will continue to have its ups and downs, but only because that’s what you and you alone project.

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