No Path Liberation

Trying to figure out what path is needed to become free from the bondage of self, keeps one locked in the bondage of self. The path of no path leads to liberation because there’s no self looking for it.

Ponder this, did you ever read or hear anything about Jesus or Buddha reading a book or following someone else to find their answers? Maybe they did at some point, but there comes a time when what’s read or what’s known has to be put into practice. One has to be careful though, just because there’s a so called practice in place, it doesn’t mean it will lead to a state of freedom from self. There has to be a practice that leads one in that direction for this to even have the possibility of occurring. There are many paths, but only one leads to the top of the mountain.

Keep practicing and when you come to a so called dead end, it’s a path that can now be eliminated from your practice. It isn’t a true dead end, it does have some value; one will be able to eliminate it because it’ll be known it doesn’t lead to the top of the mountain. It took the Buddha some years to become enlightened, but it only occurred because of the practice he had in place. It isn’t easy, it will take much inner resolve to stay the course. Even when it seems like a dead end it doesn’t mean it is, it’s just part of the process. One day there will only be one path, it’s the path of no path. This will not occur by sitting a little, reading a few books, following others, or running around trying to find the path. One gets out of life exactly what’s put into it and if that entails having a practice in place that simply puts one on top of the mountain, only then will one be free.

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