Identified Agitations

When the mind becomes agitated, if the agitation is to be quieted, the cause of it needs to be identified. An agitated mind can’t do this, so one needs to get off the merry go round if there’s to be quiet.

When it’s understood all the problems one thinks they have are created by your own mind, it will also be known that these so called problems cannot be solved with the same mind that’s creating them. Simply put, a mind that creates a problem cannot be used to fix the problem that it has created. An example would be a person who uses alcohol as an escape mechanism. At first it seems as though it provides the sought after release, but as time goes by it affects life in a way that it no longer provides the escape, it actually becomes the reason why an escape mechanisms is reached for, but the person still uses the alcohol as the solution to escape the harm the alcohol is causing; insanity. The alcohol can be substituted with anything. What’s used doesn’t really matter, how you get stuck on the merry go round of reaching is the point of this article. It’s the Conditioned Mind that keeps a person on the merry go round of using the same mind to create and solve problems. I did this for years and today it’s not this way. It’s not that I have a different mind, but there’s a difference in the way it processes information, so in a sense it is different.

The main difference is now there’s quietness instead of a constant agitation. What quietness allows is being in the present moment and living and accepting what happens as opposed to wanting it to be in some other way. This is the way it has to be if there’s going to be peace in one’s life. Things may actually be the way one wants them at times, but it will never stay that way, so the key is to find peace when things aren’t the way that you think best suits you; doing this without reaching for something to comfort yourself is essential. Understanding that your own mind is creating this nonsense is the first step in establishing a true place of peace. When the origin of the mind agitations are known, they can be eliminated, but it will take practice. It’s vital to know your own mind if there’s ever to be freedom from it tantalizing grip. After all it’s not the great secrets of the Universe that are going to bring one peace, peace will occur with the understanding of why you think in ways that doesn’t allow peace.

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