Harmony With Life

When there’s the understanding that cooperation with Universal Energy allows one to be in harmony with life, it is then that one will experience liberation from the bondage of self.

There is so much wasted energy trying to arrange life to be a certain way that it keeps our Creative Intelligence from fully emerging. Wrong effort will never produce beneficial results. Truly understanding how our self-centered behavior was the cause of all our problems gives us something tangible and real to work with. The Conditioned Mind Patterns which manifest in the form of behavior are something we can see, something that was developed over time, but they can be changed.

When this behavior is observed and understood it’s at this point that it becomes known that this is the block to our cooperation with Universal Energy or God if you’d like. With this knowledge we know in our hearts that we are finally on the path to freedom and happiness. No longer is there ignorance of how our lives had been controlled. Through recognizing our self-centeredness and taking responsibility for it, we learn new aspects of our mind. We learn how our behavior alone can take us out of harmony with life. We no longer look up above (outside ourselves) for our answers. We start to look within because we know this is where they are.

When there’s cooperation with one’s own Creative Intelligence, there’s cooperation with Universal Love. This love is what allows our harmony with life and when there’s harmony with life there’s harmony with all beings. Imagine if this harmony was aspired by the entire human race, I’m not sure what the results would be, but I can only guess that the world would be much different.

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