Expansion of Consciousness

The expansion of consciousness only happens in the now and it will only occur when one isn’t being distracted and using things that keeps them from the awareness of what’s occurring right now.

The reason why it’s so difficult for the expansion of consciousness is because of all the distractions that one has been conditioned to use; this conditioning is reinforced daily. Most distractions are used mainly for the fulfillment of pleasure, but others are also used for a variety of reasons. What they all have in common is they’re used as a distraction to keep one from the awareness of inner consciousness. These distraction range from, food, social media, music, sex, the spiritual path, and many other things. There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these, but when they’re used as a distraction from what’s occurring right now, they become a hinderance to one’s expansion of consciousness. I know it’s easy to get caught up in these distractions, but regardless of what the distractions manifest as, their core and why they arise are all the same. It’s strictly because “I” causes the mind to be agitated and the expansion of consciousness is not possible.

These distractions become a hinderance to one’s expansion because it keeps you locked in the distractions grip and if you’re not aware of this, you’re living in the delusion of the past and future; it’s a delusion because it’s not what’s occurring right now. I lived this way for forty nine years and it’s no wonder there wasn’t much expansion of consciousness in my life. I was constantly distracted looking for whatever it was I using to try and satisfy the distraction. Peace can only be had now and it will only occur when one isn’t distracted and blocking their expansion. Reach for and use anything you want, just understand there will always be another distraction because that’s just the way the conditioned mind works, and as long as the distractions are in place, the expansion of consciousness won’t be.

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