Dagomo Foundation - touching lives, restoring hope

Dagomo Foundation is a privately owned, charitable, non-profit organization that cares for the disadvantaged, the unheard, the neglected and unrecognised members of the society. We began in 2007 and has been operational from 2013, and we thrive daily on our values to achieve our goals which ultimately is the sharing of love

The values of Dagomo Foundation include:

1. Love - At all times, we are compelled by love, portraying love in the way we act, our conversation and how we support and empower families.
2. Service to humanity, sympathy and empathy - We transform, impact and cause positive changes in the lives of the people around us through selfless service. This makes our joy complete.
3. Personal development - we continuously improve our skills to meet our beneficiaries' needs.
4. Understanding - We believe in connecting with others by sympathetically being aware of their feelings and having an insight to solving their problems.
5. Respect and appreciation of the elderly - We understand that respect for others begins with respect and value for ones' self. This respect for self is what we give to the people we support and empower.
6. Team work and innovative problem solving - We do not believe in working alone because as a team we can achieve much more with a farther  coverage.

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