To celebrate the one-year anniversary of publishing my book, A Journey Toward Perfection, and in honor of Christ’s birth, I am offering a discount through my publisher, BookBaby. Through December 31, 2017, purchase the print version for only $ 14.99 or the eBook format for $ 6.99. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend. Go to the link below and use the following Coupon Codes:  Print version = DFRY86   OR    eBook format = QC6BEW. 

             Here is the latest review, posted by Jaime Contreras on Amazon and Goodreads, “One of the Best
             teaching  Christian Books I Have Ever Read”

       “I am grateful for this book of hope, strengthening, and developing a mature relationship with the Lord.

       In truth, it is very basic in content and quite appropriate for a new Christian or someone who has lost touch with the Christian way of faith. The spirit of love comes forth and the reader benefits from this. The book is based on the lessons of love and guidance found in Matthew 5-7. Being that the Beatitudes form the base of this book, Ms. Kamenos spends a large part of the book focusing on the need to be humble, mournful, meek, righteous, merciful, pure in heart, and peaceful. The author lays out the need to master these basic lessons for it is the only way one can be one with the Lord. The author shines a new light on the words and concepts of peace, purity, meekness, humility, righteousness, charity, love, et al. by citing the scriptures and the biblical meaning of such. By focusing on such basic concepts, the author delivers a vital insight into the tenets of the Christian faith.

This world is full of evil and the believer must be able to stand up against evil and be a minister of love, hope, peace, and charity. This book serves as a handbook for believers because it encompasses the essential lessons for living a Christian life and battling evil. The reader of this enlightened book has a valuable tool. Like any stellar teaching, one must take the concepts taught in this book and wield them in righteousness. A firm foundation in the lessons taught on the mount and throughout Jesus' ministry will gird one for life and bring one into an intimate relationship with Jesus, the Savior.

Finally, this book was written with love and faith. I praise the work of the Holy Spirit leading Ms. Helen Kamenos in this work. I rate this one of the best Christian teaching books I have ever read.”

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