What a Gift!

Because of the way we as a species have evolved, very few people are actually present for what happens in life, but when you are you can truly be with life without getting tied up emotionally. What a gift!

On Friday morning a very special chapter in my life came to a close, my mother passed away after a two year illness; she was 85. I waited to write about this because I wanted to see what would arise. I will always love my mother and although her physical form could no longer support life, she will live on in her five children and nine grand children. As with any human, my mom was not perfect, but she was always there for her family. I had my issues growing up, but never once did she turn her back on me. When I found out from my sister that my mother had died, I just remained present. I called my wife and children and then called my work to tell them I wasn’t coming in. As I often write about emotions and feelings and them not being essential to live life, I was curious to see what was going to arise in me. Not much did arise as I naturally remained in the present moment and just did what was in front of me, which was being there for my family. There were a few tears from me, but they were mostly because of the emotional attachment that others exhibited.

I’m not here to say what’s the best way to deal with a situation like this as everyone is different, but for me I saw that emotional suffering wasn’t a requirement; there was much crying, just not by me. A person can write anything they want, but to me the value of writing is when someone shares a first hand account of their experiences. There was no reason to be emotionally attached to this situation, actually the situation was fully embraced with all the love in my heart, I just wasn’t attached to it from the mind. Like I said, I’m not writing this to tell anyone how to deal with a situation like this, but as I was watching some of the crying and emotional attachment going on, I was grateful to be in the present moment with life just as it was without needing it to be in some other way. What a gift!

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