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Stuck in Suffering

If you think you are your thoughts, you will always have to be working on something because that’s what your thoughts will tell you, that is until you realize you are not your thoughts…

I’m not a doctor and I don’t profess to know how the brain works, but I do know this, for years I suffered from self inflicted depression until I learned it was my own mind that was creating it. I’m simply writing about my experience here. Every fall and spring I would be overcome by a mindset of gloom and doom and the only way I knew to get out of it was to use distractions. You don’t really get out of it by using distractions, all that happens is the focus shifts, but because the Conditioned Mind Patterns that are causing it isn’t understood, it always return; I was always stuck in the working on myself syndrome that plagues so many. All this created were distractions that kept me from finding out what was truly going on. I no longer get entrapped by this because I’ve discovered what was causing this. This is very important to understand if you want to break the conditioning of depression. This may not be what the so called experts say about depression, but I’m giving a first hand account of my experience and what was revealed to me. If you want to keep “working on it” that’s up to you, but just understand you will and I repeat, you will stay anchored in the Conditioned Mind Patterns that are causing the depression.

Me writing this was in response to someone posting something about depression. I reached out to them and their was response, I’m working on it. All I said was OK and moved on, but a lot arose inside me because of my depression which I worked on for forty nine years, that is until the day I realized there was nothing to work on because my depression was only a thought and thoughts only become real when they are attached to. The thought of being depressed may arise as many thoughts do, but when they’re not attached to, whatever the thought is never manifests. If you think you are your thoughts you will always have to be working on something because that’s what your thoughts will tell you, but when you understand thoughts needn’t be given any energy, there’s no attachment and hence there’s no self created suffering, in this case depression. Think about it, but not too much because you are not your thoughts.

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