Sending out an SOS

Every time the mind becomes distracted and reaches for something it thinks it needs, it equates to a sinking ship sending out an SOS; the reaching is one’s call for help.

Unfortunately most times the reason for the need to send out an SOS goes unnoticed until the ship is already in trouble; many lives are like this. What’s really unfortunate about this is usually what’s causing the downward decent has been in the works for a while. The sinking of the Titanic and the loss of many lives was a disaster in the making. From labeling the ship unsinkable, to those who believed it, it produced a false sense of security just as what happens when a person reaches for something, the thing reached for never provides what’s expected. Many on the Titanic were alive as the ship sunk, but the ice cold water did them in; even those with the false hope of reaching for a life preserver perished. This false hope leads many down the unconscious path of reaching for something that in truth will not produce the necessary results. The false hope of waiting for another ship didn’t help anyone either. The only people saved were those who were able to get into a lifeboat. One gets in their lifeboat when they look within.

I’m writing this so maybe one person will see what they’re possibly reaching for in the hopes of being saved. The actual reaching is what causes you to perish even though you think there is hope. I know not many look at themselves in this way because of their existing conditioning, but there are so many SOS’s being sent out and life preservers being grab for without the realization of the surrounding perils. The lifeboat of the inward view is the only thing I have found that truly saves, and it’s simply because it makes one aware of the surrounding perils; in this case one’s own conditioning. Instead of jumping from the so called frying pan into the fire, going inward allows you to simply turn down the heat or at least see that nothing out there will save you from the perils of yourself. If you can see this, you just may be able to prevent the ship from sinking before it ever begins and so an SOS will never be needed, nor will your reaching.

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