Self Created Suffering

Attachment is the root of all suffering. It disguises itself as depression and many other things. If it’s not understood it’s all self created, the attachment just gets more deeply engrained.

Very few understand what freedom from self truly means. There’s no working on yourself, nor is there any program the self needs that’ll make it free. Freedom from self is right here right now, and it’s because the true self exist in this space and all that’s required is to be in this space for one to be free, nothing else; few truly see this. I understand we are all at different junctures in our life and there’s not much I can do when I reach out and someone says “I’m working on that” but it doesn’t make it easier knowing the conditioned bondage in that answer. I worked on that for forty nine years and what that was consisted of trying to make my life pain free. Always working on something, reaching for the next quick fix. These quick fixes are disguised as the so called good things, but they are no different than the destructive things that are being used. Actually they’re all destructive because they all keep you in bondage to self. I know the conditioning in place doesn’t allow the mind to be open to see what someone else may see, even if it leads to freedom. For me the most difficult part of waking up from the sleep of being in the grip to the bondage of self is having so much love for others, but not really being able to do much to help alleviate their suffering.

Bondage of self is attachment which is the root of suffering. It disguises itself as depression, anxiety, greed, anger, fear, and so many other things, and if it’s not understood it’s all self created, the attachment just gets more deeply engrained. It’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to see because one gets stuck in the very thing that causes the suffering; the I’m working on it mind. Here’s why working on it doesn’t work, first off the core delusion is there is a you who is working on it, and second there’s a you who needs changing. You cannot change yourself, you can only learn why you are as you are. If this knowing is based in truth, you will automatically have a different view of self. When this view takes hold, all the self created suffering falls away because there’s no self who’s attaching to it.

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