Repeated Mind Patterns

The repeated Conditioned Mind Patterns can be devastating if they’re not understood. These patterns show up in many ways, but when the mind settles most patterns fall away and life truly begins.

The reason why it’s so difficult for someone to change is because the mind constantly defaults to familiar conditioned patterns, even if it means its own destruction. The conditioned patterns must be identified if one’s behavior is to change. If these patterns aren’t identified, the behavior will be repeated over and over until either death or when a necessary practice is cultivated to initiate their identification. If there isn’t identification of anything needing changing then how can one expect anything to change. If the conditioned patterns are identified and changed, then the patterned behavior becomes non existent. You don’t change the behavior because it’s a by product of the conditioned patterns. When there’s quietness instead of conditioning, there won’t be any repeated behavior patterns associated with the conditioning.

No act is isolated from itself, whether based in love, kindness, and compassion, or greed, hate, and delusion, it affects the whole. But the real issue is getting to know that it’s only the familiar patterns of the Conditioned Mind that makes one repeat their behavior. Change comes when this is realized and then different behavior patterns will begin to take hold of one’s life.

Your own mind will fight you on this, it makes you think the unknown isn’t good, but it’s only a story because everything that is known today was once at some point unknown. So learn to quiet the squirrel cage mind so the familiar patterns aren’t the automatic way to respond to life and you will be amazed with the way life changes, and this is because when you start to see things differently and act in ways that are conducive to love, the familiar self serving ways stop being repeated. It’s truly that simple, but because the mind likes to constantly revert to the familiar patterns in place, it’s not easy to break the habitual repetitive hold they have on you.

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