Providing Light

A lighthouse is likened to a person who is awake. The design of both is to simply shine a light that provides those who may be lost with a direction to safety; that light just may be the only one a person sees.

A lighthouse is a perfect example of what it means to an instrument without needing to add a bunch of nonsense to it. All a lighthouse does is shine a light so a ship can get a safe direction when its needed. It shines its light in clear weather the same as when there’s a storm, but its usefulness has much more value in a storm. It’s foundation is solid so a storm doesn’t have much of an affect on it. It has but one purpose and that’s to shine a light to those who need it. It’s not concerned with those who aren’t in need of its light; matter of fact it doesn’t even notice. It just goes about its business shining its light. It doesn’t run around shining its light all over the place, nor would that increase its effectiveness in any way. A lighthouse is strategically placed where its effectiveness is maximized.

I look at my awakening as simply being like a lighthouse. What was revealed to me is what was revealed, I don’t try to make it into something else. I write articles to shine a light, who sees it sees it and who doesn’t isn’t really a concern. All I do is provide direction, I don’t have a way or method to be followed, I just provide a direction of a light. The usefulness of my experiences have more of an affect for those who are in the midst of a storm. My base is solid because there’s now an understanding of what I’m to do and that’s to simply be a light. I don’t have to run around and shine my light, matter of fact it is best to stand pat and just allow the beacon to shine so those who need to see it do. I am just the instrument for the Universe to strategically use me where it sees fit, the only thing I have to do is make sure the light is lit; that light just may be the only one a person sees.

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