One Week Today

The only time one struggles with someone’s passing is when it’s looked at it from the point of I. There is peace in my mother’s passing and it comes from her because she is no longer suffering.

It’s been a week since my mother has passed and although she is missed, there is strength in the fact that she is now at peace. My mom suffered many years because she didn’t know how not to. She didn’t have an easy life nor did she have the tools to deal with life in a way where she didn’t carry around what happened and make it into a burden. She suffered immensely until the day she died and most of her suffering was self-inflicted only because with the tools she had in place, there was no way to get around the bondage she was in. As I sit here and reflect upon my mother’s life there’s a sense of peace in me because I know she is at peace. The only time one struggles with someone’s passing is when they look at it from the point of I, when anything is looked at from I, it’s from attachment and attachment is the root of suffering. When I look at my mother’s passing I know that she is no longer suffering and her passing was actually a blessing, my peace comes from her because it’s not about me it’s about her no longer suffering.

I’m learning a lot from this and what I’m getting in touch with is my own self created suffering and how I see it’s time for me to let go of the bondage that holds me in captivity. Everything that happens in life can be viewed as a lesson and it can be used to learn from to help one in the freedom from the bondage of self. Nobody gets out of life without going through heart ache and pain, but it’s learning from it so the attachment that’s causing the pain isn’t repeated over and over; that is key if there is to be freedom. It has been a week and I miss my mother. I’m so happy for her that she is now free and no longer has to endure the suffering that was in place, but it was only there because she didn’t have the tools to allow her to let it go.

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