Natural Gratitude

Gratitude occurs naturally as does love when there’s an understanding of what’s needed to live from the heart. Although love is natural it’s not automatic, so cultivating love is when life results in gratitude.

Gratitude naturally arises from a loving heart. It isn’t produced by attaching to anything from the materiel realm. If gratitude was from the material realm it would coincide with one’s possessions and that would make a person of wealth more grateful than one who didn’t have much? The true measure of a wealthy life has nothing to do with possessions, true wealth arises from a loving heart, that’s what measures wealth. You can only be grateful when you are content with life as it is, not with the way you wish it was or how it’s wanted or expected.

Whenever you want, it means you think life needs to be in some other way, this creates suffering. Gratitude doesn’t mean everything will be as wanted, but life must be accepted as it is if one is to be at peace and invoke a grateful heart; investigate this for yourself. Gratitude will not shield you from issues, it will allow you to not make them into problems. Be grateful for your given life and you will find your loving heart, and when life is lived from a loving heart there will be harmony with yourself and with all beings. When this occurs you can’t help but to have an attitude that’s full of gratitude for life as it is, not because of what you possess, but because of the natural love that arises from your heart.

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