Life Simply Is

The mind loves to make a problem out of something that can’t be changed. The reality of any situation is if it can’t be changed there’s not much one can do so it’s not really a problem.

Many things are labeled a problem, but that’s only because it’s just something that the mind decides it doesn’t want to be happening. There will be many things that this happens for, the list is constant and endless. Sometimes it’s a situation that just happens because of the surrounding circumstances and sometimes it’s because of what a person does. To me the latter is more difficult because the effects of it are a direct result of someone imposing their will on something that involves others. When it’s a situation that’s effected on its own it’s easier to move on, but when it’s an individual just doing as they please without any regard of the effect it has on others, it seems to gnaw at me a little longer before I come to terms with it. Just because what is always is, that doesn’t mean there’s not some resistance to it. I know freedom lies in not resisting what is, but being awake doesn’t mean you’re a robot.

How much resistance one encounters is determined by the conditioning one has to resist what arises. What arises from the inner arises, at that point there’s not much to be done that can change it, but it has been my experience that gaining some understanding of the Conditioned Mind allows the resistance to certain things to slowly dissipate. The reason why this is important is because resistance is just another way of saying the mind is agitated and until the agitation subsides, there won’t be any peace. A very simple fact that one will have to get in touch with if there’s to be freedom from the bondage of “I”. Many things will happen today as many people will do things that “piss you off” but it’s in not holding onto any of it for too long that allows you to not make what is into a problem.

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