We Indians are the cheapest tribe in this whole world. Even shopping for vegetables gives us fatal hypertension and maybe even a cardiac arrest. The price of any one vegetable has to go up by just a measly 5 rupees and the poor Indian shopper is tearing his hair, 'Why did I not horde up 10 kilos of onions last week when the price was only Rs 45? Oh my Merciful Lord! Why did you not guide me, when your guidance was required the most? I think I'm gonna kill myself !'
(And the amount the bugger would have saved is a measly 50 rupees, while his monthly income is more than 100,000 rupees. The savings are peanuts and almost inconsequential when compared to the fellow's income.)
But these can be very emotionally stressful and psychologically draining for the woeful and doleful dirt-cheap Indian shopper.
What if the prices of rice went up by 50 rupees? I think we shall all fast and survive on water till the prices come back to what we believe are reasonable.
But ask any Indian about their cheapness. 'No SIR, WE LIKE TO CALL IT BEING ECONOMICAL AND BEING THRIFTY'. But the fact of the matter we Indians are cheap like shit, and we are actually very proud of our cheapness and have made a virtue out it. :-)

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