Celebrate Life

We are here simply because of the Universe. Life is the Universe’s celebration in the manifestation of our human form and love is our true nature. To awaken to this is to awaken to the celebration of life…

We need not wait for the holidays to celebrate life. Everyday is a holiday because being alive is a celebration of life manifested from the love of the Universe and we are the gift; the present of the Universe to the world. If you don’t think this is so it isn’t because of life, it’s because of the way you are viewing it. You’re probably saying if the Universe is love what about all the unpleasant things that occur in life, or the unloving nature of some of the things experienced. None of this is produced by the Universe, they’re a direct result of the conditioned behavior of humans. The Universe doesn’t directly produce anything. Everything naturally arises as a manifestation of its love because it’s only capable of love. Humans on the other hand are another story. We have the capacity to cause so much destruction, but no matter what we do it will never be our true nature. That will always be based in love, it’s just the way we’ve been conditioned that makes this unknown.

Our celebration is an everyday occurrence and although one day our celebration will not be manifested in this form, our true nature as love will always be. This is the way it is because this is the way the Universe is and since we are a present of the Universe, our nature is always love. When a gift is given to someone in the spirit of love, no matter what happens after the gift is given, it will never take away that it was given in love. No matter how hardened one becomes by their conditioning, love will always be their true nature. Know this truth and you will make everyday a holiday and life will be the celebration that the Universe intended it to be.

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