Carry Only a Message

When one awakens from the sleep of unconsciousness and carries a message to others, whoever the message is carried to has to be let go of. If they are not, one becomes a part of the unconsciousness.

No one truly knows what goes through another person’s mind. Truth can be established as one awakens to it and that truth can even be a Universal one, but it won’t mean anything to one who is blind to it. Energy is wasted on trying to convince others of what truth is. Those who see it, connect with it and those who don’t simply don’t. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, is probably one of the most accurate statements ever made. For me, this needs to be understood to not get caught up in a crusade of going around and trying to save the world. A world that regardless of what is going on just may not need saving.

I know some people who are stuck in their addiction, they’re imprisoned by it and for whatever reason are blocked from seeing this. Regardless of this being a truth that there’s a need to get off the merry go round of addiction, they don’t see it, so they remain imprisoned. It doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try to assist them, but their life is not anyone’s responsibility but their own and I’m not so sure about that. It truly seems many are called, but few are chosen and why this occurs is beyond my human comprehension. One can only carry a message, one cannot carry the mess even if it’s known the truth will clean it up. It’s heart breaking to watch people create their own suffering through the way their mind has been conditioned, and this self created suffering is not limited to labeled addictions. Unless one sees this, blindness will remain and this means that even if one is led to water, it doesn’t mean they’re going to drink.

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