Blocks to Freedom

Why many don’t truly break free from their addictions is because the things being used are usually addressed as what needs to be changed. When what causes the reaching is changed, the addictions fall away.

Our true essence underneath all this false identification is always there, it’s just not known because it’s blocked out. It can be likened to our arteries becoming clogged and blocking the blood to our heart, which keeps our heart from operating properly. This is what happens to us when we block our true nature from arising, we don’t operate in properly. Both blockages are detrimental to our physical and spiritual well being. They both lead to death unless the blockage is undone. In the physical form when the arteries become clogged the heart will eventually stop. In the spiritual form our blockage leads to the death of our spirit. Both cases are equally as deadly and it isn’t always known that its occurring until it is to late.

Many things contribute to our blockage and if this isn’t understood, the blockage will remain. The blockage cannot get undone on its own, hence a broken mind can’t fix itself, when it’s realized the blockage is there, steps can be taken to alleviate it. When you change what causes the blockage, the blockage falls always. You don’t change the actual blockage, you change what causes it. Why most people don’t change is because they are trying to change the blockage instead of what causes it. This is the exact reason why many don’t truly break free from addictions, the things being used are usually addressed as what needs to be changed. Understanding why there’s a needs to reach for anything is the only way the true freedom from the bondage of addiction will ever truly be experienced.

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