A Logical Life

A logical mind sees that things are as they are mostly because of the lack of discipline that a quiet mind provides. Logic allows the mind to settle into a state that’s pure, innocent, and free.

Life really isn’t a mystery it’s logical, so logically looking at it, it seems as though it’s a struggle because to satisfy one’s conditioning to self serve, the mind has to constantly look for ways to get this done. It justifies what’s needed for this and lo and behold we have our conditioned life. A very simple logical approach as to why one does what they do.

The Conditioned Mind blocks the logical approach of as too simplistic so it can hold onto its story. The truth is, living inwardly is the most logical way, but it will only occur if one is quiet enough to see it. If this isn’t seen the mind will use a conditioned story of why living inwardly isn’t for you and your approach to life will not be logical. This prevents one from returning to the logical pure, innocent, and free state and unfortunately because of this, life remains based in making decisions from a self serving mind and it will remain a struggle regardless of what illogical outward changes are made.

Let’s use logic as to why we stay the same even if things are done to make so called improvements in our life. The biggest hurdle, but the most logical is to find out what makes you lose the pure, innocent and free state in the first place. When we look back, the logic here is to see the development of the self serving mind as the culprit. So we logically have to go back to the pure, innocent and free state if our conditioning is to get reversed. For this to happen the mind has to be redeveloped. We try external things to get this done, but through trial and error and with very little success we come to the conclusion that we logically have to go inward because looking outward hasn’t worked. So we apply logic, go inward and learn through sitting how to return to our pure, innocent, and free state; if we don’t do this, it will not get done. This is pure logic here, no mysterious path or journey, no God, or spiritual practice, just plain simple logic of going back to a time of a pure, innocent, and free state.

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