Thought Filters

It’s not like one can control their thoughts from arising, but we can develop filters so at least they’re not in control. Whatever is the base of these filters is what will be emitted out.

I often talk about developing tools to live by, but what exactly does this mean. It’s easy to see how material tools work and the results they produce. A hammer when used properly will result in a nail being embedded in wood or possibly something else. A tool of eating healthy will produce health with fairly rapid results. Drive a car from point a to point b and lo and behold your destination is reached. Results from using materiel tools are pretty much a given. There’s very little mystery in how they work and the results they’ll produce, but how about the tools where the results aren’t seen right away, the ones that are used to look inward and need to be developed?

What these tools equate to are the filters in which one’s life is viewed. When a water filter, which is a tool, is used in line with a tap water faucet, its function is to remove the impurities of the water. It’s not a tool to make the water taste or look better, although these are the results produced The filter is strictly used to remove the impurities in the water. This is also what tools that assist a person in looking inward provide. A means to remove our conditioned impurities so our heart can open to our innate nature of love.

An air filter, an oil filter, a parental filter on the tv, these are all designed to catch impurities that can do damage, this is also the way the filter of our mind works. Which filter is chosen determines what’s not only received by the individual, but also by the world. The impure thoughts if not filtered properly create damage to ourselves and others, but when a filter is used that catches these, then we are left with results that produce love. This will occur only because the filter that we have in place catches all the impurities that get in the way of keeping this from happening.

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