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Temporary Fix

When impermanence is understood the craving for fulfillment is replaced with a satisfaction that whatever happens next doesn’t really matter because one day what happens next will prove just how impermanent everything is.

Death is a part of life as much as life itself is and regardless of any belief, one day this body will cease to support life in the form that it occupies today. We can make up a place spiritually that we are going to go to when we die, but the body is going to become void of life and it will either be cremated, decay in a box six feet below ground or in a vault above ground. If this one truth can be understood than nothing else would truly matter because the impermanence of all things would be known, and once the truth of impermanence is known, life takes on an entirely different dynamic and a mundane view no longer exists.

There’s nothing needed for fulfillment when this dynamic takes hold because one realizes life is already fulfilled. How can it not be with the understanding that all you need you already have because all that you have has no lasting substance to it. If everything is impermanent including life itself nothing will bring fulfillment to life except the understanding that life’s already fulfilled. Everything reached for in life is used as a temporary fix strictly to fulfill some inner craving, this is the reason why one is never truly satisfied. If there wasn’t a craving to be fulfilled, there wouldn’t be a need for a temporary fix. To me this is why impermanence has so much value because when it’s understood, the craving for fulfillment is replaced with a satisfaction that whatever happens next doesn’t matter much because one day whenever that day may be, what’s next will prove just how impermanent life really is.

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