Every person has a space where he feels at peace, a zone where he feels totally comfortable. This comfort zone is that zone which is called solitutde. Some people call it loneliness, some call it depression, while others call it a chilled out zone!
   People are constantly pressurised by the modern day relationship issues, daily stress of work and financial contraints and a number of other problems on a daily basis .When people find themselves caught in an emotonal crisis, due to some burdens of care and concern, then they try find ways to relax. Some go out for holidays, others listen to music, or read books or spend time with family and relatives, or go out for parties, but rareley do you find people, who try to sit back and relax and  find peace within themselves.
   Rarely, will you find people sitting down and contemplating and exploring their own faults and understanding life closely. It is this solitude, which actually gives peace and fufilment to any man. Those people who understand the significance of this solitude are never affected by outer disputes , or emotional disturbances.
   Solitude has that charm and its own peculiar dignity, that it can be savoured, by only those those who actually feel it within. Peace and serenity which is constant and unshakeable. I have always been in a state of solitude, where my inner peace has been constant and the feeling is sublime!A conscious effort has to be made to achieve that solitude. Normally the daily rigmarole of frenzied activity, is so intense, that most of the people, dont have the energy to make an effort , to peep wihin thier hearts and find that space , where they will feel peaceful.
   One must strive towards a feeling of peace and serenity and not keep running after looking for it outside. Most of the people these days are running towards having exotic holidays and then, they flaunt it with flashy pictures on Facebook and project a picture of their families having a blast, in extraordinary environs.But, little do they realise that all this is a superfical show of happiness is actually hollow within and if you ask me in reality, atleast six of the ten families, which are shown as really happy, are actually not happy! That is the stark truth, believe me!
   So, the question arises, as to what is the reality? What is the truth? What is the need of a person finding his own peace? The need is very clearly pronounced.These days relationships are losing values and every person is racing against time, to achieve god knows what! At times I feel surprised when I see this rat race, which seems pointless to me, as I am a more laid back person, on a personal level, but when I see my close ones caught in this race, then I feel deeply sorry for them, as they dont know where are rushing and what they really want from their lives.
  Solitude is peaceful zone , where one can sit back and contemplate, as to where is life taking them and then gear up for the future with a renewed strength. One must understand, that the more they run after materialistic things,the more they will be caught in a tangle and no matter what  they will keep struggling all through their lives.
  Life is so much more, than just haggling after small gains, personally or emotionally , or satisfying your ego, or achieving victory over others, in an emotional way. Life is about living in a state of solitude, wherin, there is no need of a second person, to complete you, you have yourself and that seems more than enough. So, we should all strive to find our space and relax when needed and not get caught in a whirlwind of activities, professionally or personally, to a scale, where one loses his inner peace!
  Solitude is the ultimate serenity of your soul and only those who understand its signifance, live a complete life of salvation, with no dependence on anyone whatssoever and the best part is , that you dont pay for it. it is free of cost, you only have to dig within and you will be able to find it there strong and stable and constant, your very own peace.

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