Love- An Untold Retribution

   Many times I ponder and contemplate as to what is Love? Love is a bond, an undying passion and when it is formed, it is unbreakable. Some think that love is instant, others think that it happens gradually, while some others think that it keeps increasing, with time!
   Well personally I have been in love once and that feeling is certainly sublime and initially I used to feel fortunate and blessed, that my object of desire , is the best  and there can be no one better than him. But, as time passed and you get embroiled in the daily rigmarole of the kids upbringing and the regular household duties, then you feel that love has fizzled out and monotony has set in.That is when Love seems to be a retribution, rather than salvation.
   To be in love is certainly a feeling of belonging and being wanted, but it is an enriching feeling feeling, if from both the woman and the man feel it equally. But, if one of the partner loses interest in the other then the one who is still fully in love, for him love becomes a retribultion! A torture, which is unbearable.
   Life moves on, as a family thrives on that bond and it is this bond which makes a foundation of an entire generation. But, if one of the partner, just goes on with the relatiionship with loss of interest, then the reltionship begins to rot and that makes the life of both partners, living hell!
   Love a special bond, a trust, a faith, a delicate affectuionate feeling, which should be savoured and pleasured, every moment, but sadly a rotting relaationship, makes love extremely suffocating and frustrating. A sensible couple should understand the significance of their relationship and how their loving bond is the very basis of a flourishing family and a secure future of a happy family.
   Love should be nurtured and and there should be a constant effort on both the sides to flower the bond to culmination, rather than sitting back and taking it for granted. Life becomes beautiful and worth living, when love happens to anyone, so rationality suggests that falling in love is just a start of an undying bond and there should be a constant effort to retain the freshness of this bond.
 They say that the spark is missing and life is more like dull , drab routine, but I want to ask just one question to all the married or lovers, that, do you want to make that extra effort to retain the love of your life and let love be your nectar of existence, or do you want o lose it out and turn this etheresal feeling as a retribution?
  There is an age old saying that love happens once and when it happens, it encompasses everything within its shield, so one should understand tht no matter how much time passes and no matter how much of boredom and monotony, tries to rot it, it is still remains strong as ever and it totally depends on the person, as to whether, they want to turn it into a retribution or a salvation.

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