I Attachment

Everyone has been conditioned at some level even if this is adamantly denied. The thing to understand is the more one denies their conditioning, the more the conditioning is in control.

If you think the Conditioned Mind is nonsense that’s your right, but that denial is part of the conditioning. Whatever keeps you attached to I is conditioning. If the conditioning wasn’t there the attachment to I wound be there. This is something that’s real regardless if it’s realized or not. That it’s being pointed out by someone is why it’s denied by some, but that doesn’t mean its not true. One can only see what has been provided, but the Conditioned Mind shouldn’t be discounted just because its not seen, however discounting it is also part of the conditioning . I will not reveal the subtleness of its own self unless there is quietness between one’s ears. Discount this, disagree with it, adamantly say it isn’t so, or who is this guy that thinks he knows me, but understand this too is all part of the conditioning. Stop all the dialog going on in the head and the conditioning will possibly be seen, or not and keep the bondage to I intact.

I is all that stands in the way to a life that is truly happy, joyous, and free. If you don’t think so, who is it that doesn’t think so? Argue with this if you want, but who is arguing? There’s no argument from me here because there’s no I trying to prove this is right. All I’m saying is before this is discounted it should be investigated. I’m just stating what I see. If this can be read and not attached to, then one is free. If not, the bondage to I is in control. It’s not complicated, but it’s very difficult to not allow I to control your thoughts. Thoughts have no power until there is attachment to them, but there can’t be attachment to them unless there is an I. In the space between your thoughts is the non attachment to I, it’s the space where there’s peace, but it’s not because I doesn’t exist there, I will always exist, but it’s just that in this space I isn’t being attached to by the Conditioned Mind.

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