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False Self Addiction

If it wasn’t for the attachment to a false self that creates bondage, addiction would be non existent because the craving of a self needing life to be in some other way would never occur.

Each day most of our waking hours are spent trying to arrange the day to our liking, the only problem with this is most of our day is wasted trying to arrange the day to our liking. This occurs because we have been conditioned to believe there is a self that needs things to be different. This conditioning keeps the mind addicted to this self which creates a constant state of agitation, and when the mind is agitated it will use whatever tools it has developed. Not so much to quiet the agitation, but more so to distract from it. The distractions in this case manifest as Conditioned Mind Patterns that are constantly trying to arrange life by using whatever it deems necessary to satisfy this false self.

If it wasn’t for the need to satisfy a false self, these cravings to want life to be in some other way which are caused by one’s own mind, wouldn’t exist. This agitation is the cause of the constant rearranging of life and it’s because of the false self needing life to be a certain way, but something would exist without the addiction to a this false self and that would be peace. The peace of just being because the addiction to the false self wouldn’t exist. If you don’t think this is true, it’s probably because of the addiction to the false self that’s not allowing your mind to settle so you can be aware of the peace that passes all understanding and go beyond the cravings brought on by the false self wanting things to be in some other way. Until this changes, nothing changes.

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