Created Mental Fabrications

The mental fabrications that are created to form an identity of self are actually the very thing that blocks out one from being in the space of their true self.

We hold on to our degrees, roles, wealth, social status, and an array of many other labeled things, and we think this self is who we are. These mental fabrications are nothing more than a story and none of them are truly who one is. Whatever you do in life only matters to the extent in how it allows you to love. An individual’s so called success means little except to the created mental fabrication that labels it’s so. Ok, so you’re a doctor, lawyer, school teacher, psychologist, life coach, athlete, author, spiritual guru, or whatever label you think you need to apply to make you into something, except what is create is only a mental fabrication of you. You are the stillness beneath any label that’s applied regardless of the story that you tell yourself.

If this is seen, space is created that’s allows one to be aware of this and remain in this stillness. There’s so much attachment to the mental fabrications as a label that this space is entered very seldom; matter of fact it’s non existence in most lives. Created mental fabrications are incessant mind noise. This is the never ending attachment to form; an identity to self that begins at birth as soon as one is given a name. There’s nothing inherently wrong with forming this identification until there’s no more space to be your true self, beneath all this nonsense. We spend most of our life unconsciously forming this identification and wrestling with our true self. There’s mostly unawareness of this, that is until there is. Once there is awareness of this space, one will spend as much time as possible here because not to results in creating mental fabrications and being someone who you are not.

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