Conflict With Oneself

All conflicts are within, they arise from one’s inner questions. Without the practice of discipline, the inner answers won’t be provided so one will have to look externally and blame others.

Nothing causes discontentment unless it’s allowed to. If something can be changed by all means change it, but if it’s being changed because of an inner conflict, it needs to be looked at why there is the conflict to begin with because even if the thing is changed, you will just move on to the next thing that will cause you to become agitated and then in conflict once again.

All conflicts are ego based because they come from the Conditioned Mind. You don’t think this is true? Are you in conflict with what is written here, they are just words. It doesn’t matter if they are agreed with or not, but if they cause conflict that comes from within you, not from the writer or what is written. But oh, how we love to blame others for our own self created conflicts. The only reason this is so is because of the lack of understanding of one’s own mind.

Everything that I have come to understand over the last ten years has arisen from within myself. It has been through the practice of discipline that real answers have arisen directly from my own inner questions. I can’t have anyone else’s answers because the one who questions is the one who has the answers. I do not have your answers because I do not have your questions. So everyone has their own questions to answers. Truth is the same for all beings, but how we come to its understanding is from the questions within ourselves. When one sits in stillness, revealed are answers to our questions, this is when conflicts with oneself and with the world will be no more.

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