Choosing Peace

When one wakes up from the sleep of the Conditioned Mind to notice just how much control it has over you, it is then that the chains that hold you in captivity are slowly removed one link at a time.

It may seem like there are many things that can take you from your peace, but in truth there’s only one. It manifest in many different ways, but it only occurs because of the conditioning in place. This simple fact is what’s mostly missed and it’s missed because it’s not seen. The other day I experienced this first hand as I was driving to work. I noticed a rattle every time I went over a bump in my car. At first this was really annoying me to the point where I pulled over to see what was causing the rattle, I couldn’t find anything. I continued driving and would get annoyed with each rattle. Then it hit me, I was allowing the rattle to take me from my peace. Before this epiphany my conditioning was in control, but once I become aware of this, I had the choice to not be taken from my peace. I didn’t have to replace the rattle with anything, I just had to stay in the present moment.

To me it’s these subtle annoyances that ruin my peace and they’re only in place because it’s the way I’m conditioned. Once the conditioning is seen, this produces the choice to not allow the annoyance controlling energy. It doesn’t stop the rattle, but it does stop attaching to the rattle; this is key in remaining at peace. This is the point missed by most. There are many rattles in life, from the way I write, to Donald Trump, a boss or job, the traffic, and so on, and not one of them has anything to do with taking you from your peace, only the conditioning in place allows that. Hold on to your rattles, and you will if it’s not seen that you don’t have to, but don’t blame the rattle for not being at peace, because that comes strictly from within you and since it comes from within you, only you can choose to not be rattled, one link at a time.

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