Attachment to Form

When there’s attachment to form it opens up a doorway that leads to suffering. This doesn’t mean all that life has to offer can’t be enjoyed, it’s just that nothing last so why attach to it.

Many things are used because of the attachment to form, some harmful in nature and some healthy, but if there’s attachment to either, suffering will ensue because it’s simply the nature of attachment. To me I exist to experience all of life and to learn just how to do that is what my life is basically about. For many years I did not live, I existed. Just because you are alive that doesn’t equate to living. Sure if you’re reading this you are alive and you know this because when you look in the mirror you can see a form, but if the form in the mirror is attached to, life becomes so limiting because everything from there on in is given a label. Attachment to form slams the door shut to the unlimited essence of who one truly is; we are not the thoughts we have of ourselves and others are not the thoughts we have of them. There’s so much made up nonsense between our ears and it can all be linked to the attachment to form.

We think in terms that we are our body and mind without investigating if it’s true. We definitely have a body because that can be seen, but the mind, where is the mind? At least the body is form, the mind has no such substance, it isn’t anything at all. But how we allow it to control us is life’s biggest misunderstanding. The mind is what tells you everything, it creates happiness, sadness, anger, joy and so on, why this is a problem is because it’s all based on the attachment to form which can only cause suffering. Even when your mind tells you your life is perfect the same mind just moments later will tell you something needs to be different. If there wasn’t attachment to form this wouldn’t be an issue, but since form is what we manifest as, we attach to it and attachment is the root of all suffering. One day just like that your form will end, it’s inevitable, and the you are attached to it, the more suffering it will cause. The key is to not attach now because non attaching will occur one day without your permission so you might as well let go now and truly live your while you are alive.

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