Worldly Shallowness

Look beyond the shallowness of what the world presents and how it’s adhered to. It will be beyond this adherence that one’s true self emerges. If not, one will remain confined to their own shallowness.

The world encourages shallowness and attachment to this results in one’s own shallowness because it’s what’s adhered to. Is there truly a way to go beyond this for everyone, or is this just reserved for a select few? There are many who are living proof that anyone can go beyond the shallowness of what the world projects. One just needs to take a step back from the trappings that are in place. All of these trappings are based in selfishness, with most centered on the greed of power. This has become what the value of existence is measured by. This value is really valueless.

Look at our entertainment industry, it can be called our distraction industry, because that is all it does. It distracts one from noticing what is truly going on in their own life, and the world presents these distractions daily. Why is this shallowness allowed when it is in everyone’s power to stop it? Where are we headed with this shallowness having a foot hold on our throat? Please use whatever power that can be utilized, to get this message out to as many people as possible. I don’t mean preach it, or post it, I mean use one’s power to go beyond the shallowness to live by a message of love. One can only change their own shallowness, but by that changing just think of all the people that one comes in contact with each and everyday and how many can be touched.

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