World Wide Unconscious Energy

Unconscious energy affects everyone. It matters little where or why it arises, that is does is the only concern and until this is seen for what it is, it will remain unconsciously in control.

There’s been a lot going on in the USA the last few day, but the venue of the unconsciousness is not as important as the unconsciousness itself. There’s unconscious energy in place all over the world, what’s happening in the USA is just in addition to it. You may ask what exactly is unconscious energy? My definition would be anything that is attached to that has to do with wanting the present moment different; this includes wanting people and situations different. Any thought given energy that’s outside the now is conditioned because it isn’t based in where life actually happens. Only now has validity because it’s the only place that truly exist. Everything else is just a thought of the way one thinks now should be and this is where all unconsciousness arises from; this also includes people and situations.

All unconsciousness arises from some form of attachment and the subtleness of this isn’t really seen nor understood. One of the most subtle yet least seen attachments is when one thinks their opinion is actually the way something is and it’s defended as being truth. Everyone sees things as it arises within themselves and until the attachment to this is let go of, an opinion will be formed because of the associated unconscious energy. Nothing from outside yourself really means anything because everything arises from within you. Unconscious energy can only manifest from one who is unconscious and until the conditioned unconsciousness is seen for what it is, its energy will remain in control and not much will change because the unconscious energy won’t allow it to.

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