Roll of the Dice

Truth builds a foundation for life that is not easily swayed by the circumstances that occur. An erratic existence is what happens when a roll of the dice conditioning is relied upon to build a foundation for life.

Many people say they aren’t sure how they would react if a certain situation occurred in their life, with this lack of understanding of oneself what happens is life becomes like a roll of the dice. The only reason this occurs is because there isn’t a solid foundation of truth, so basically life is left to chance. When truth is the foundation no matter what happens, one stays the course because the foundation is solid. When things aren’t contingent on outside circumstances being a certain way, when they change (and they will change because such is the nature of life) you can remain on firm ground and not allow the circumstances to control your reactions. You may feel a certain way because of it, but it doesn’t have to affect the way you respond and allow your emotions to control you.

If you don’t know yourself which makes for an unstable foundation, you will definitely be controlled by whatever happens in life, but when you are firmly planted in truth, it will be difficult to be swayed by your own emotions. After all that is what makes for a roll of the dice foundation, emotional immaturity. Not having a solid foundation in truth is the cause of this. An example would be, if the truth of impermanence were understood and you were told you had six months to live, your reaction wouldn’t be so dramatic; our reactions are dependent on our emotional maturity. I’m not saying you will be able to say it is what it is initially, but by knowing truth you will eventually say it, and how long this takes depends on how deeply engrained truth is in you and how emotional immature one is. So when truth is known and you are free from the roll of the dice conditioning, what you are set free of is you being controlled by your own immature emotions. Learn truth of who you are and you will remain firmly planted on the ground no matter what numbers come up when the dice is rolled.

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