The Quintessential Buxom Indian Aunties

  Have you seen a "Fat well fed Mom Hen", in a barn, cackling away with glee, well that is the image I get in my mind , when I see a regular middle aged " Indian Aunty!"
   An Indian Aunty is quintessential! She is buxom, content well- fed, satisfied and absolutely the epitome of complete abandon.
   I am an Indian woman and in every right, proud to be one, but, when I see well fed chicks, sorry to be offensive , a sense of scorn and laughter develops within me, as I could never relate with them and neither would I call myself, an Aunty, as I feel aeons of years ahead of my age and I feel. that if you call me an Aunty, then you are addressing me in a derogatory manner!
  A regular Indian Aunty is one who wears the regular, salwar suit, or a georgette saree, and bright red bindi on her forehead, like as though she has it stamped all over her existence, that," Oh listen, I am respectfully married and peddlers beware!"
  Her very look is domineering and when she guffaws with her so- called " sahelis", while on her miniscule shopping sprees to the nearby markets, the entire arena reverberates and erupts with joy! Mostly they are financially sound, with their husbands providing well for them, so they don't hesitate in spending a couple of thousands in a single shopping spree!
   She embodies the spirit of her family and carries her exuberance with grace, but, her conservative eccentricities', lead her into spoofs unimaginable.
  If  you see an " Auntiji ",ambling across the street , in her regular saree and red bindi, then stay cautious, as she can be lethal, if not handled with care and caring and affectionate, if treated with respect.
   You can label them as the regular Indian housewives too, but, if you look under the covers, then you will understand, that it is  these women, who are the ones, who actually sustain us, nurture us and help us to bring about our best, they are our mothers, aunts, buas, maasis and other older ladies. Yes, they have a distinct character of their own, in relation to their mannerisms and attitude,which is unique in their appearances, as, they have an element of comedy around them, but I would relate it more to a quintessential cheerful attitude, rather than a behaviour on which someone should laugh and scorn, with a face.
  There are shades of loneliness and boredom, writ large on there broad round faces, like as though every line on their face is screaming out and saying, that, " I have seen life in close quarters and come what .may, I  wont budge! "This die hard attitude actually endears them to me, no end,
   What I despise about them and it is an advise  from my side to all aunties, is that they should be and act their age and try to stick to their Indian roots , rather than , blindly following the western culture and dressing  sense and culture patterns.
   The so called " modernity ", doesn't mean, that one should sacrifice your values, modernity should be in thought and action and not in appearances.
  Henceforth I feel that we should hail the" Quintessential Buxom Indian Aunty", as an epitome of joy and mirth, rather than object of satire!
  Love, Hate, Loathe her, she is there, was and will be a "Quintessential buxom Indian Aunty", and very rightly called so!

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