The Married Indian Man!

   An Indian Man is loathed, hated, criticised, mud-slinged and battered, from all corners, when it comes to their mental attitudes and behaviour patterns towards their better halves!
   But, if you look at those poor specimens, in the light of a sane and rational person, then you will understand, they are at the receiving end at all times! After a satisfied phase of a good five or six of years of marital bliss, astonishingly, their wives, turn around and become possessive, demanding and overbearing , once they enter their homes.These are those cute little wives who have acquired this explosive demeanour after shedding shy and docile garb, of quiet newly wed brides!
   He has to listen to her and agree to her and understand all her thoughts, at the drop of a hat!He is expected to be the most romantic husband, with a smiling face 24/7 and at the same time he should be available for the kids , no matter what professional commitments he has. Women are no doubt burdened with home care and have unending responsibilities, but that does not mean that they should feel , that the poor little husband , just goes and breaks chairs in the office the whole day!
  The most common squabbles between husbands and wives these days are, " You don't understand my feelings!" I mean, what kind of an attitude is this. How can a couple, who were otherwise, so lovey dovey and over the moon with a sparkle in their eyes, when they got married and suddenly the wife  feels that the husband doesn't love her. Why does she feel so insecure and keeps a tab on her husbands movement like a "eagle", does on its prey?
   Well the answer lies in the fact that , have the couple maintained  the spark, the fire, which started it all and sadly the answer is no, none of the husbands in India take the initiative to create a strong foundation of marriage and keep rekindling the romantic spark, which as times passes, fades away and that is the reason of all the divorces and broken homes!
   My purpose of writing this blog was not a philosophical one, where I wanted to explain the Indian wives to understand their husbands, but I wanted to highlight the plight of the common Indian husband who quietly suffers and squirms with frustration and resorts to chat sites for fulfilment.
   There is an underlying dissatisfaction, a built up frustration, which can be explosive and the worst part is that the poor fellows, themselves don't know about it! Men are as emotional and sensitive as women, they are just so wrapped around these barbed wires of the so- called "mardangi", that they fail to understand, their own desires and when years of suppression, becomes  unbearable, then they come to the forefront as betrayals, incompatibilities and battered egos, which break homes and hearts at the same time.
   An Indian married man is as rational, sane and balanced, as any other man of the world and the need of the hour is, that they should take charge of their lives and understand their inner desires and make sure to get what they want, from their respective spouses and understand that , their continuous suppression of their desires, will lead them no where!
  There is no point in living a hushed up  existence, or having a dual life, online, or having clandestine affairs under wraps! Ultimately it will harm not only their existence, but it will be destructive for all of those  important relationships, they have in actuality!
  So, live life the way you want to, without suppressing your inner desires and thoughts and if social stigmas and other relationships are marring your present, then stand up and take charge, take charge of your lives, in a way, that makes a difference to only  your outlook towards life, but also makes its quality better and not buckle under the stress of your professional life.
  As, one works for his family and strives to make a better life and doesn't let work take the centre stage and destroy all that he has ever dreamt to make for his life and for others associated with it!
  Hats off to you my dear "Indian married man", way to go!

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