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The Dilemma

Life was an humdrum affair of the vagaries of monotonous activities and she really didn't know where it was taking her. When suddenly, out of no where, came a whiff of fresh air, a desire, a hope, joy, that she always craved for deep in here heart. She was a woman of values, virtues and a strong character, so to take any hasty decision, for the fulfilment of her one secret pleasure, she was not willing to sacrifice what she already had.
Mrinalini was beautiful woman, with grace and beauty which was undebatable! She had lived a life of simplicity and sacrifice, one of service and care and affection, towards her family and kids, but little did she know, that during all these years , she had craved, to be appreciated, to be praised, to be loved and pampered!
No one , none of her close ones realised that she was lonely within, that was a little girl at heart, giggling with glee, at the slightest provocation! She loved the little things that life gave her, but what did Life give her in return? A life full of barren loneliness, a life where she couldn't turn towards , that one person, who could be her strongest support, when she needed him the most!
She was faced with a dilemma, wherein she had finally found someone, a special someone, who cared for her, who had genuine affection for her and who she knew, could give her that completeness, for which she was looking for all these years! She had met a handsome young man who talked encouragingly to her and appreciated her every little initiative and admired her, for who she was.
She suddenly found herself facing a reality, from which she was running away all these years, that she actually never fell in love with her husband. She lived with him, just because her parents wanted him to be in his life. The initial years of her marriage, with little babies to care, she hardly found time to sit and understand, as to where was the relationship taking her, in the coming few years, but when she evaluated , her marriage in close quarters , she realised, that she lived in bubble of truth, where, she felt that he loved her, but actually it was just a marriage of convenience!
Even he had never loved her whole heartedly, as his heart was taken by his first love. He had actually despised her very existence and no matter how lovely she looked, he would never appreciate her, as his heart fell for his former lover's beauty!
All these years, she lived for her kids, brought them up with care and affection and whenever things got heated between her and her husband, she would buckle up in depression, or take solace in the giggles of her kids!
Life went and on and as years rolled by, she aged with grace, used to look as beautiful as ever and the worse part was, that the husband, made life even more miserable, by continuing to be indifferent. Then one fine day, she was surfing through the net and found an interesting man in the chatrooms. she was vary on meeting anyone in person, as the net world was dangerous, but her new friend never forced her to meet of talk when not needed. But the best part was that he was there for her always..
As time passed she faced innumerable health issues and personal losses and slipped down medically and emotionally and life seemed to be in a quadron of melancholic emotions and it was at these weak moments, that she found this man , extremely helpful and supportive!
As time passed , she developed a special liking for him and a powerful feeling of bonding and connection, which she had never felt for her husband! She used to talk to him for hours on end and share lots of things with him and she noticed that, that man was also very fond of her and that made her feel even more special. The dormant desires of her heart which lay suppressed through years of struggles and facing the vagaries of life, suddenly came to the forefront and she felt so alive and happy, once again.
She was surprised, that she used to check the phone umpteen times for spare messages from him and would love it , when he came and would be beside herself with joy, just to talk for a few hours! Then came a bigger dilemma in front of her and that was the sudden transformation of her indifferent husband, who had now become extremely caring and affectionate!
It not only surprised her , but left her spell bound and dumb founded at the same time. She didn't know how to handle the attention of her husband , along with the implicit care of her friend, it was a confusing situation for her and she didn't know how to solve this dilemma of her heart!
But, then sense prevailed and though she continued to have her friendship with her friend, she gave all the justice to the new found love of her husband and took all the opportunity, to gather all the love of her husband with both her hands!
She solved the dilemma of her heart by using her brains and keeping relationships in their place. She knew in her hearts that her affection for her friend would always be there to stay, as he had helped her in difficult times, but the reality was that father of her kids and her husband had changed miraculously and he had realized her worth and he had started giving her all the love and care , that she deserved. So, why should she look outside marriage for fulfilment? Why should she look for a relationship which had no future? So, she decided to be happy the way she is and told her friend that he will be her friend for life, but, she has personal commitments and those need to be fulfilled as her first priority.
Life is like this , it is full of dilemmas and melancholic situations, a wise person is that who understands what is good for him and does is required at the right time1

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