Separating Energy

When something is wanted other than how it is, it brings on a chain reaction of circumstances that causes a separation with the present moment and thus with others.

Separating energy always makes things worse. This is difficult at times to see because even when one loves there can be separation, but what has to be understood is it’s not the energy of love because love can’t separate; a response that isn’t from love is where the separation occurs. Even if every action you did was from pure love it doesn’t mean everyone will respond to you in the same manner. As the story goes all Jesus did was teach how to love and we know what the leaders of the that time did to him. Even though he said “They know not what they do” and there was no separation in his heart, his fate was seal because of the hateful energy of those around him.

I do not profess to know the great secrets of the Universe, but I do know in the space of stillness the energy of love transformed me. This doesn’t guarantee anything nor does it mean I walk around in la la land. As a matter of fact, I do a mindfulness practice, I chant, I sit in quiet and yet I still want to smack some people; for me it’s just the way it is. Do whatever it is you think you need to do, just understand if it doesn’t unite than it separates. The key is to see if it’s you producing the separation or if the separation comes from others and if it does remember “They know not what they do”

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