Protesting Energy

The only reason protesting energy is in place is because one thinks (a story) the present moment isn’t good enough so it needs to be changed to the way the Conditioned Mind makes you think it needs to be.

The greatest challenge one will face in life is being able to create the space to just be; adding nothing, taking nothing away. If there can be awareness of space for one millisecond, liberation begins. There’s no proving oneself or needing anything different in the space, the Conditioned Mind will protest this and at first this will be very powerful, but as time goes on this space becomes unshakeable as one’s inner protests lessen and the conditioned protesting energy dissipates. This protesting energy is in place because there’s simply no space to see anything else. It comes in many shapes and forms and it’s the norm of what the Conditioned Mind offers, but it’s very misleading in what it offers. It promises liberation, but it doesn’t make good on it. It may give you all the stuff that it says is needed for liberation, but even if one attains everything that they want, if you remain in the throes of the Conditioned Mind, you have attained nothing, especially liberation.

Space is needed between one’s thoughts if the Conditioned Mind is to loosen its grip. The more space there is, the more liberated one will be. It’s simple math, the more one spends time in the space between your thoughts, the more love there will be in one’s life. Many lives are lived with protesting energy without even realizing it’s occurring. Anytime the space is substituted with some thought, true love of the heart is being protested and the Conditioned Mind takes over to make up a story of how one thinks life should be. After all the only reason something is protested is because one thinks (a story) the present moment isn’t good enough so it needs to be changed to the way one thinks it should be; the I want, what I want, when I want it mind. In the space between our thoughts nothing needs to be added because nothing needs to be different, so in this space there’s the understanding right now is enough and it doesn’t need protesting energy to be different.

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